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Healing and Deliverance

We provide training for pastors, leaders and churches willing to establish strong, effective and Bible-based healing &deliverance ministry at their congregations.   LEARN MORE

Seminars, Workshops & Conferences

The LFMI Team facilitates Healing & Deliverance Seminars, Workshops and Conferences for businesses, home groups, missionary organizations, ministries and churches.   LEARN MORE

Glory and Freedom Encounters

The captives are set free, and the broken-hearted healed and restored to wholeness during the powerful and anointed corporate ministry or small group break-out sessions.  LEARN MORE

Individual Healing and Deliverance Sessions

We offer private healing & deliverance sessions for individuals who are willing to be set free and who desire to experience God’s miraculous delivering power and healing.  LEARN MORE

Miracle Nights

It is a special time to meet with Jesus and experience His love, healing touch and delivering power first hand.  LEARN MORE

Skype Healing & Deliverance Training

We have witnessed incredible miracles while ministering to people from around the world via Skype.  LEARN MORE


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