I am 46 years old and God has done a major healing in my life. I took the 6 week Deliverance and Healing class with Pastor Dani Tzanova. It was amazing and extremely life changing for me. I then attended her Living Free Ministries Healing, Deliverance and Wholeness Conference. God took me to another level of deep healing. The teaching was very encouraging and the prayer time was anointed by the Holy Spirit. In fact, I don’t cry easily, but I was overtaken by tears when the team prayed over me. God really met me there in my deep longing for healing.

In the past, I experienced major depression, anxiety, OCD, Bipolar and Borderline Personality disorders. It was a daily battle and I experienced on-going, daily suicidal thoughts for over 30 years. Recently, I have experience a great deliverance from suicidal despair. This is an amazing miracle!!! After taking the Living Free classes and receiving ministry now I have a desire to live and to encourage others to do the same. God has filled me with an abundance of joy and hope that is wonderful to experience. I have so much excitement for all the great plans God has for my life. I want to live for Him and not myself. I know I am not perfect and that it is a life long journey of being transformed. I am grateful that God is extremely loving and patient with me.

For most of my life, I have also experienced ongoing intestinal pain, bleeding, nausea, difficulties eating, persistent diarrhea, etc. I have been hospitalized many times.  God has been doing a major healing in this area of my life too. I really believe God has healed me from Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. I don’t claim I have it anymore!!!! In fact, recently, I was going for a walk and I experienced such excruciating abdominal pain that I could barely walk or breathe. I began to pray and then I said out loud that I am not going back to Crohn’s Disease anymore and that I have been healed in Jesus’ name! I renounced the spirit of infirmity as they thought me at Living Free sessions. Guess what?  The awful pain went away quickly!! It has not returned. Praise God! There is power in praying in Jesus’ name!!

Also, God has healed me from a plethora of major allergies. I use to be so violently ill from allergies that they would often turn into a colds, sinus infection and then bronchitis. I would be ill for weeks to over a month. I had to take numerous doses of antibiotics. I would wear a face mask and put Kleenex up my nostrils in order to try and not get sick. I use to do this on my walks and even when I went to church. People just stared at me and I would be terribly embarrassed. Thanks to Jesus, I no longer travel on that path! God is so amazing and gracious to me. I have been set free again. Yay!!!

God has also been healing my relationships. I use to have deep resentments towards my dad and just about everyone I met who wouldn’t act in the ways I wanted them too. I was a walking time bomb. I would get my feelings hurt just about anything. I would get so defensive and reactive that deep resentments would fester and linger. If someone didn’t smile at me or say something kind or agree with me, I would become so distraught and suicidal. I use to try to excessively control other’s words, behaviors….everything. I was extremely manipulative. During the deliverance classes I received so much understanding and revelation about the power of forgiveness, how to forgive and overcome rejection in my life, how to deal with bitterness and resentment. God has been displaying His awesome healing touch in this area of my life too and I experienced a great freedom and healing.

I am so grateful and blessed! God is my best friend.

Dani, this has been really great for me to share these areas of healing with you. My faith is being increased as well as my relationship with the Lord. Thanks so much for your amazing ministry. I am happy God connected me with you. I am praying for you and your team. You are a blessing to me and many other hurting people.

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