What is Deliverance and why do I need it?

Deliverance is God manifesting His glory, power and presence in the lives of His children, breaking the chains of bondages, healing their hearts, restoring and transforming their lives so that they can reach their God-given destiny. It is all about Him, His goodness, loving kindness and mercy.

What is the purpose of Deliverance?

Freedom from any form of bondage, breaking the power of curses and demonic schemes, healing and restoration of one’s life, reaching and fulfilling God’s given destiny.

Can a Christian have a demon?

The answer is YES. A Christian can be oppressed and influenced by demons, and can be demonized. Demons can be attached to the soul or parts of the body.

Can a Christian be demon possessed?

The answer is NO. Jesus paid a very high price and He purchased you by shedding His own blood. If you are a Christian, you belong to God. However you can be oppressed and influenced by demons but not possessed by them!

How to identify if there is a demon at work in my life?

Do you have suicidal thoughts? Are you depressed? Are there any times when you feel mentally confused? Do you see reoccurring cycles in your life? Are you bound by addiction? Is there any sickness pattern in your family? Do you have a problem with anger and frustration? Do you struggle in making right choices and decisions? Have you been fascinated by occult and witchcraft? Were you sexually abused or assaulted? The list can go on and on…

How do I get a demon?

Demons cannot come into your life unless there is an open door that gives them legal right. Sin, unforgiveness & bitterness, generational curses, ungodly soul ties, ungodly vows and oaths, soul wounds, traumas, occult involvement, or drug use are some of the open doors that give legal right to demonic oppression.


Why do I hear voices? Are they demons?

The voices are either the little wounded, dissociative parts of your soul and/or demons. When the parts are healed and the demons are gone, the voices stop. Inner healing & deliverance go hand in hand.


Should be the process of deliverance messy?

First of all the process of deliverance is NOT for show! Yelling and screaming at demons doesn’t make them leave, and demonic manifestation is not a sign of effective deliverance ministry. Jesus told us to cast them out, and it is through the power and authority that He has given us.



Will all of my problems be resolved after going through healing & deliverance?

No, deliverance is not a “magic fix” or “cure it all”. You have to walk it out, and we will give you all the tools that you need to be victorious. It is usually a process, but it will be much easier to identify the schemes and tactics of the enemy and successfully to resist. We will teach you how to do that.


How to get rid of demons?

The parts of your soul (mind, will and emotions) must be healed, and when the open doors for demonic oppression are closed, all legal rights removed, the demons leave when they are told to leave. Demons cannot be counseled; they must be cast out. In order to “cast out” something, it has to be “in” first.



Is there spiritual abuse in deliverance ministry?

Unfortunately, yes. I have ministered to Christians who have had bad experiences from deliverance ministers. Some of them were told that they were sexually or satanically abused, asked to drink different liquids, knives and crosses have been pointed at them, tapped with the Bible all over their body or held down. As I mentioned above, demons leave when they are told to leave because of the power and authority in the name of Jesus and not because of religious rituals. Many deliverance ministers may yell at, or even try to cast out the wounded parts of people because they think they are demons. They don’t know the difference between the wounded dissociative parts of the soul and demons. If deliverance is done properly, there is never a need to yell and scream, perform rituals or hold someone down. God is a God of order, and deliverance ministry can and should be calm and in order. Jesus showed us how to minister healing & deliverance, and He is the perfect example for this ministry.